Children's Dental Health Month

On the rise: tooth decay in children is the most common chronic childhood disease
Ellis Dental offers complimentary exams for children
Dr. Elli with her daughter Ivy and son Reid

Dr. Elli with her daughter Ivy and son Reid

ST. LOUIS, MO (January 14, 2016) – The American Dental Association has named February as National Children's Dental Month. It's the perfect time to educate parents about good oral hygiene habits for their children. Local dental practitioner Dr. Holly Ellis is a leading advocate of the importance of pediatric dental care.


At the foundation of Ellis' passion is her belief that lifelong dental health begins in early childhood. Her commitment to this philosophy is the reason her practice, Ellis Dental, offers free dental exams for any child under age 2 (accompanied by a parent) throughout the year. Ellis Dental is also committed to educating parents on simple techniques that can promote healthy smiles and reduce the risk of tooth decay.


“Tooth decay in children is more prevalent than asthma, childhood obesity and diabetes,” Ellis said. “And it's on the rise. It's crucial for parents to start a good system for their children as soon as their first tooth appears.”


Ellis continues, “There is a prevalent myth that children can't get tooth decay prior to their permanent teeth coming in and that is absolutely false. One of the more common diseases is called early childhood caries or baby bottle tooth decay. It's caused by too many sugary liquids and is extremely painful for the child. It can also be extremely costly to repair.”


Tips for adults to help children promote good dental hygiene and help them brush their teeth:

  • Involve the child – have them put the toothpaste on the brush. Or close the toothpaste lid (for younger children).
  • Hum/sing a tune while brushing.
  • Have children watch mom/dad/older sibling brush their teeth.
  • Don't make brushing a request – make it a part of a routine: It's time to brush.
  • Get a child-friendly style soft bristle toothbrush.
  • The ADA offers calendars that children can mark off each day in English and Spanish.


Brushing your teeth two minutes, twice a day, and then flossing to combat sugars and more out of your mouth are the keys to keeping your smile healthy at any age.


To learn more about Ellis Dental and its free dental care for children under age two, call: 314-965-1334 or go online.


Ellis Dental also provides several resources online about oral health for children.


Dr. Ellis will be volunteering her expertise at the Give A Kids a Smile free clinic for underserved children on February 19 at St. Louis University.



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