Halloween Party Treats for Healthy Teeth

Serve Halloween party treats that you feel good about.

Whether you’re hosting the shindig or heading out to a party where you have to bring a dish, make sure you serve Halloween party treats that you feel good about. Obviously for both good physical and oral health you can’t go wrong with a nice fresh tray of raw veggies. But don’t just put them out on a platter, take a couple extra minutes and get creative by making a Pumpkin Veggie Tray. You can always trade out the black olives with small bowls of non-fat dip, cherry tomatoes or broccoli florets.

Keeping with the pumpkin theme, hollow out a couple small pumpkins and fill them with this tasty and fiber rich Pumpkin Dip served with red and yellow apple slices.

Instead of greasy chicken wings drenched in a messy sauce bake up a couple batches of these Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Wings. Just adjust the amount of spiciness for all the kids and those adults who like things on the mild side. Serve with the non-fat dip recipe from above and celery sticks just like “real” Buffalo wings.

Create a Halloween Party Popcorn bar by air popping big bowls of fresh popcorn. Then let guests create their own mix by offering dried fruit, assorted nuts, plump golden raisins and shakers full of cinnamon sugar, assorted herbs, sea salt, garlic salt and powdered cheeses.

Control the amount of chocolate served by making these Ghostly Pretzel Sticks in advance. All you need for this easy treat is a bag of large pretzel sticks, white melting chocolate and mini semi-sweet chocolate chips for the eyes and nose.

Everyone here at Ellis Dental hopes you and your family have a safe and fun Halloween.

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