How Dental Care Has Changed Over the Years

We have all heard the story of George Washington and his wooden false teeth but contrary to popular belief that story is just a myth. Washington, like the majority of the population during that era, had major dental problems and at different times wore dentures constructed from a wide variety of materials including lead…which as we all know can cause major health problems. Fast forward to the 21st century and the strides in dental care have been tremendous. From increased patient comfort to a higher quality of care, coupled with more treatment options, the advances have been truly amazing. Today there is a wide range of over the counter products that help control everything from tartar and plaque buildup to alleviating dry mouth symptoms and power toothbrushes designed specifically for adults, children and those with particular dental needs.

Then bi-yearly cleanings including both x-rays and hygienist techniques have become much less intrusive. There are new dental filling materials available including composite resin fillings which are same color as the tooth, eliminating those unsightly silver amalgam ones. Root canals are now mainstream as opposed to in the past when a root canal was considered major dental surgery, along with many more options when it comes to bridges and crowns. And now instead of traditional false teeth, dental implants are very popular and affordable.

Today’s dentistry has also benefited greatly from the widespread availability of dental insurance. Without insurance, many people would forgo routine dental cleanings, which often catch minor dental problems before they blossom into something serious.

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