After School

After School Tooth Friendly Snacks

As a parent, it is important to set a good example when selecting your own snacks and always having healthy choices available for when the kids come home from school starving.

  • After your weekly trip to the grocery store allow the kids to help prep their afternoon snacks for the upcoming week. They will be more apt to select things like carrots, celery, cucumbers and broccoli when they are already cut up and ready to eat. Certain fruits including apples and pears either need to be eaten whole or sliced right before eating to stay visually appealing. Other fruits that are good choices and can be prepared a couple days in advance are grapes, berries and melons.
  • Nuts are a great protein packed snack. Just remember to always purchase the lightly salted selections. Or smear some peanut butter on wheat crackers or unsalted pretzel sticks.
  • Don’t discount dairy. Cottage cheese can be jazzed up with fresh fruit or a tablespoon of unsweetened jam. Low fat/low sugar yogurt with fruit is another great choice. Limit frozen yogurt to a special treat since the freezing process kills off all the good bacteria.
  • Sodas and energy drinks are very damaging when it comes to tooth health. The sweet sticky liquid can remain in the mouth for up to 20 minutes, damaging the enamel and creating cavities. Flavored sparkling water is a much better choice; just make sure it is naturally flavored and doesn’t include artificial or added sweeteners.
  • For older kids who many need more of a meal than a simple snack, keep whole grain bread, low fat cheese and lean protein like chicken or turkey on hand for a quick sandwich.

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