Celebrity Smiles

Who Has the Best Teeth in Hollywood?

Walking the red carpet at those Hollywood premieres all the celebrities have dazzling white smiles with perfectly straight teeth. They look like they’ve never had a cavity, smoked a cigarette or indulged in a sweet sugary soda. But of course, we all know the majority of them have had all sorts of cosmetic dental procedures including implants, porcelain veneers, even gum reshaping!  Sounds painful, right? Have all celebrities succumbed to Hollywood vanity or have some just been blessed with gorgeous all natural teeth? According to the internet, and of course, since everything we read online has to be true, here is the answer to this all important pressing question.

Yes, Hilary Swank has larger than normal teeth but they are naturally gorgeous. Almost perfect in size, the general consensus is all she has done on a regular basis is professional whitening.

Look closely at Heidi Klum and it’s obvious she has never had any major cosmetic dental procedures done except for professional whitened. Her teeth are nicely shaped with a square edge and her two front teeth are stepped over the adjoining ones.

In Hollywood’s culture of perfection, Hugh Jackman is a breath of fresh air. He was hesitant to even get his teeth whitened because he was concerned it would distract from his manly rugged appearance.

Look closely at Matthew McConaughey and you’ll see an actor who is strikingly handsome but doesn’t have perfect teeth. His beautiful broad masculine smile displays dazzling white teeth which aren’t totally symmetric. But his tooth position and size, while not Hollywood perfect, are flawless when paired with his facial features.

While all these stars have whitened their teeth, they haven’t caved to the pressures of the profession and undergone invasive dental procedures; and that’s why we here at Ellis Dental believe these are the best smiles in Hollywood. Interested in exploring your whitening options? Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.