Labor Day

Happy Labor Day from Ellis Dental

Most people recognize Labor Day simply as the informal beginning of fall or as just an extra day off to spend at the lake or barbequing with family and friends. But do you really know why the first Monday in September is a national holiday? During the late 19th century as America continued to grow and prosper, manufacturing took the place of agriculture as the number one employment option. But there were no rules or guidelines to protect the workers. Most people worked seven days a week, 12 to 16 hours a day often in unsafe and dirty conditions.

As dissatisfaction grew informal Labor Unions began to organize demanding better working conditions and wages. As with anything worth fighting for there were struggles and often these strikes turned violent but the Unions persevered.

The original Labor Day holiday was celebrated on September 5th, 1882 when over 10,000 workers left their jobs and marched from City Hall to Union Square in New York demanding the same changes the Union leaders were fighting for. Finally in 1885 the first Monday in September was formally decreed the “workingman’s holiday” and began to receive state and then federal recognition.

In honor of Labor Day, there are two great parades scheduled for Monday. The St. Louis parade begins at 9AM at the corner of 13th and Olive and the Belleville Parade and Picnic starts on First Street at 10AM with the picnic to follow at Hough Park at 11:30AM.

Ellis Dental will be closed on Labor Day so our staff can enjoy the day with family and friends. The office will reopen at 8AM on Tuesday. Please call us then to schedule an appointment or go online for additional information.

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