Five Ways to Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Preventive dental care for your child is vitality important and neglecting their oral hygiene can have long-term damaging effects.

  1. Even before that first tooth erupts it’s important to clean your child’s gums on a daily basis by using a soft cloth or a piece of gauze dipped in warm water and gently rubbing.
  2. Start brushing as soon as one tooth appears and begin to floss when your child has two teeth that touch each other. Brushing should be done twice a day but if that isn’t possible make sure your child always brushes before going to bed.
  3. Don’t put your child to bed with a bottle and once off the bottle, limit how frequently they use a sippy cup. Anything other than water can cause bacteria to grow which in turn causes the acid that creates tooth decay. Plus the constant pressure of a nipple or hard plastic spout can affect the “bite” or shape of the mouth.
  4. Introducing your child at a very early age to good nutrition will help with good dental health. Limit juice to mealtime or as a special treat and don’t just assume because a snack is suppose to be “healthy” that it isn’t damaging to your child’s teeth. Things like granola bars and dried fruit are sticky and can leave residue on the teeth.
  5. Pay attention to the medications your child is prescribed. Many have a sweet sugary base that lingers on teeth after the medication is taken. Make sure to have your child rinse their mouth or brush their teeth after dosing.

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