Top Dentsts

What an Honor!

Each year during April St. Louis Magazine showcases the best dentists in and around St. Louis. And we here at Ellis Dental are proud to announce that Dr. Ellis has been selected as one of the Top Dentists in St. Louis for 2014. St. Louis Magazine uses a very specific format for determining their list based on findings compiled by topDentists, a nationwide website dedicated to identifying the best dentists and dental specialists across the United States. In business since 2007, topDentists have created stringent guidelines used to rate each dentist and since all participants can only be included through peer nomination, being selected is quite an impressive honor.

But it’s more than just be voted in by your peers. After a dentist has been nominated their credentials are checked through their state’s dental board to ensure they are practicing under an active license, are in good standing with the board and that no disciplinary action has been taken against them.

Perhaps you’re wondering why in such a competitive field, a dentist would want to tout the accomplishments of an associate. Often other dentists have reached the point in their practice where they aren’t accepting new patients, are nearing retirement age or have a patient who needs specialized care. Wouldn’t you want to be referred to a dentist who has gone through such a strict vetting process in order to be named one of the area’s top dentists?

It is a very humbling and gratifying honor to be chosen as one of the best by your peers. And Dr. Ellis feels very blessed to have been selected. Interested in being treated by one of the top dentists in St. Louis? Please contact our office today to schedule an appointment.