Leave the Ears on the Easter Bunny

I’m sure as a child as soon as you got your Easter basket on Sunday morning the first thing you did was unwrap that big chocolate bunny and munch on both his ears. But now for Mr. Bunny’s health and the dental health of your children, consider some of these alternatives to those sugary Easter sweets.

  • Include a bag of bunnies. Annie’s cheddar bunnies are certainly keeping with the Easter bunny theme without all the added sugar and artificial ingredients.
  • If it just wouldn’t be Easter or if you’re afraid your child might feel deprived then practice portion control. Get a couple of those plastic eggs and add a handful of pastel M&M’s or some organic jelly beans for a sweet treat.
  • Depending on the sex and age of your child include some EOS lip balms. The containers even look like an egg and come in great springtime flavors like Summer Fruit and Honeysuckle Honeydew.
  • If allergies aren’t a problem add nuts, granola and trail mix to the basket. There are lots of healthy offerings on the market or make your recipe and call it Bunny Trail Mix.
  • Go for the real deal. There is still nothing better than spending time together as a family dying Easter eggs. Have colored pencils, glitter and stickers on hand to personalize each egg.
  • Bunnies love carrots so add a couple small packs of baby carrots and a container or two of hummus or low-fat dressing for dipping.
  • After church and Easter dinner when the adults are relaxing, give the kids some fun brain teaser puzzles, crosswords or word search books. Many available this time of year have seasonal themes.

We here at Ellis Dental would like to wish you a Happy Easter!

Natural Remedies for Bad Breath

Mouthwashes, breath sprays and strips often are just a temporary fix when halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, becomes a problem. The majority of these products are chemical based and using them may not be an option if you’re trying to reduce your exposure to artificial substances.  Here is a list of natural remedies all using common products found on your grocer’s shelves which can help alleviate and combat bad breath.

  • Inflammation and bacteria are leading causes of bad breath and it just makes sense that controlling the source works to control the problem. The healthy omega-3s found in fish oil have been proven to reduce both. So pop a daily fish oil supplement or head to the seafood counter on your next trip to the market.
  • If you already chew gum to reduce halitosis consider switching to an all natural cinnamon gum. Cinnamon contains the essential oil cinnamic aldehyde and research has determined this oil can reduce saliva bacteria by up to 50 percent which in turn reduces the amount of noticeable odor.
  • Eat a piece of celery or munch on an apple or a carrot. All these foods are full of fiber which produce the necessary saliva needed to wash away odor causing plaque.
  • Tea has such great healing properties and black tea, which is full of polyphenols can help keep your breath minty fresh. Polyphenols are strong antioxidants that keep plaque from clinging to teeth and also can impede bacterial growth in the mouth.

What other natural remedies have you discovered to control your halitosis? We here at Ellis Dental would love to hear about your solutions so we can pass them along to our patients. Please leave your tips in the comments section below.

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