Tooth Whitening: Pros and Cons

Teeth Whitening at Ellis Dental 

Teeth Whitening at Ellis Dental 

As we age our teeth become dingy and yellow due to enamel being worn away, along with staining caused by what we eat and drink, mainly red wine and coffee. And if you smoke, nicotine definitely will turn teeth a very unpleasant shade. Along with whitening procedures performed in a dental office, tooth whitening has gained in popularity due to the availability of over the counter products.


  • A bright white smile gives you more self confidence and you’ll be perceived as friendlier and more approachable.
  • Nice white teeth just naturally bring to mind good health and you’ll be more inclined to get regular dental checkups since you are no longer embarrassed by your teeth.
  • Studies have indicated that healthy white teeth can have a positive effect on all areas of life, from personal to professional.


  • Bleaching is one of the most common methods used for tooth whitening and the chemical makeup of the bleaching compound can cause gum and tooth sensitivity. Generally this dissipates shortly after treatment has ended.
  • Whitening strips or gels is the method most often used in over the counter whitening kits, while many dental practices will customize a lightweight plastic tray to fit a patient’s mouth. On occasion, there will be discomfort associated with the fit of the tray but this normally can be alleviated by a simple adjustment.
  • Bleaching will not work on stained crowns or implants so it’s important to let your dentist know if you use whitening products or are planning to do so. That way the restoration color can be adjusted to match the whitened shade.

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