A Plea for Flossing From Our Dental Hygienists

Lore Hormberg

Lore Hormberg

As one of the hygienists at Ellis dental I wanted to respond to the latest news article on flossing. We are always educating ourselves to provide the best preventive protocol for our patients health. Designing a home care regiment has always been a top priority at Ellis Dental!

We believe that there is not a "one size fit all" approach for our patients! We do believe that for most of our patients some type of interdental (between the teeth) cleaning device is a benefit! We individualize our recommendations based on research, American Dental Association and American Dental Hygiene Association protocols,patient's plaque levels, physical capabilities,compliance and motivation level.

There are many ways to ensure great oral health and in our knowledge and experience flossing is still recommended for most our patients as well as many other interdental cleaning aides! 

You can learn more by checking out this article from the American Dental Hygienists' Association.

Come see us soon and we can show you all your options!

Keep Smiling!