Baby Teeth are Coming In, Oh No! What Should a Parent Expect?

Next Month is Children's Dental Health month. So, what do you need to know and expect as a new parent with a baby getting their teeth? 


Tooth eruption. It is a term that makes a parent want to cringe. While inevitable, managing this growth phase can make the experience less painful for both baby and parent. To do so, here are some tips and information about baby teeth, the types of teeth babies get and how to take care of them. View the full article here

What is tooth eruption? 

Ellis Dental and Baby Teeth

Ellis Dental and Baby Teeth

Tooth Eruption is the result of a stage of tooth development where the teeth begin to enter the mouth, and show visibility. The first teeth in a newborn appear around 6 months until two years of age, during the standard teething process. They remain as the only ones present in the mouth until a child is around 6 years old, and this is when permanent molars come in.

Theories on child tooth eruption, timing and forces that bring it on.

Many who have taken time to do vast research have definitely come to the conclusion that tooth eruption is at the very least, an incredibly complex process. Some theories that were once believed in heavily have now been disclaimed, and there has been some confusion over the validity of what was explored as causes and the ways in which this takes place.

At the current time, the most popular theory is that while several forces may be involved in eruption, most of the provision for this process is from the periodontal ligament.

Care for primary teeth.

The first four front teeth usually are the ones to erupt in the beginning, as early as six months after newborn status. Most children will have a full set of primary teeth by age 3, and this is also when the child’s jaw will continue to grow, making room for the more adult teeth that find their way in at around age 6.

Primary teeth definitely need to be kept very healthy and clean; this is what will prevent the teeth from getting many cavities, and remaining free of the intense oral pain no one enjoys enduring.

Last year, Dr. Holly Ellis produced a video demonstrating some tips on how to brush primary teeth. You can view that video below.

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